NFT Collection for Sim-plistic Products!

Now selling NFTs, partial content from the CBS games and more from upcoming titles too on These collections will include avatars, animated or otherwise 3d models and possibly in-game rewards too. CBS: Desolation CBS: Eftm 3D

CBS : 3D, The Initial Milestone

What’s Happening? As of today, CBS (Casual Babysitters) 3D is receiving a core update. While it’s been kept under the radar, the game is now taking a turn for the better; with the new recent content and the updated preview version (which used to be 0.1, it’s now 1.3.5b), everything is working condition and all input issues should… Continue reading CBS : 3D, The Initial Milestone

Asset pack – Little Smithy Pack

Sim-ple Adventure Little smithy asset package is now available. Build your fancy low-poly blacksmith with the little smithy asset pack! It includes a number of low poly meshes along with medieval theme pieces. Build: 1.1.1 Download

Game – CBS: Escape From The Mall 3D

Escape the mall, don’t let the cargo stop you on your way!  A simple sidescrolling endless runner game. Attempt to reach the end of the track while keeping your dragged cargo within carrying cap. Build stats, surpass levels, unlock virual goods. Links: steam, website