CBS: Desolation – A Storm is Coming

First dlc for the game CBS: Desolation is “A Storm is Coming”, coming soon on steam platform. Dlc includes unlocking of the new enhanced class “Clairant”, clairants are dex heavy units that use lightning magic and summoning spells to fight. They also have higher ability to improve dex stat while having low hit points and… Continue reading CBS: Desolation – A Storm is Coming

Game – The Dinoblaster

The Dinoblaster is one of those games where you don’t get it but must do it anyway. Collect homely lethal objects and use it against the dinosaurs, collect coins and virtual goods, build xp, merge items increase stage levels. Dinoblaster is a free to play incremental idle fighter where the player is expected to beat… Continue reading Game – The Dinoblaster

Asset pack – Little Smithy Pack

Sim-ple Adventure Little smithy asset package is now available. Build your fancy low-poly blacksmith with the little smithy asset pack! It includes a number of low poly meshes along with medieval theme pieces. Build: 1.1.1 Download

Game – CBS: Escape From The Mall 3D

Escape the mall, don’t let the cargo stop you on your way!  A simple sidescrolling endless runner game. Attempt to reach the end of the track while keeping your dragged cargo within carrying cap. Build stats, surpass levels, unlock virual goods. Links: steam, website

Asset Pack – Inventory & World Interaction

Simple Adventure Tools: Inventory & World Interaction Simple Adventure packages follow the basic tools used in Sim-plistic games, attempting to push the quality to a near-world development standards. Inventory & World Mechanics is there to provide a 3d option to point n’ click games. Combined with other varieties of features, it should present solid and… Continue reading Asset Pack – Inventory & World Interaction